USA scientists are trying to find a new way to fight Ebola

Scientists who for many years have been trying to find ways to combat Ebola have decided to test drugs in a war zone.

After the deadly epidemic nearly destroyed West Africa between 2014 and 2016, scientists began to rapidly seek new ways to treat this disease. Moreover, scientists quickly responded to the continuing Ebola outbreak in the Republic of the Congo and took extreme measures.

They started the experiment. Taking about 170,000 people into the test cases, they sequenced the genomes of more than 250 Ebola virus samples taken from infected people of Congo. More than 500 types of drugs and antibiotics have also been tested.

Although this virus outbreak is incredibly dangerous, it is a great chance for thorough research. Thanks to it, scientists will be able to get accurate and definitive answers.

Why did the scientists decide to conduct experiments exactly in the war zone? The answer is simple. It has been found that violence impedes efforts to delay the spread of the Ebola virus. This is what prompted the health authority to announce a public health concern.

Undoubtedly, work in a conflict zone requires patience and understanding. In areas where violence, murder, and arson are most prevalent, researchers were careful and did not lose hope of finding a solution and preventing worldwide infection.