Top popular types of loans

The banks and other financial institutions offer dozens of different types of loans. Which of them are the most common? Which type of loan to choose? Here you will find some data about the most popular types of loans among Canadian citizens.

  • Car loans. Purchasing a car is one of the most popular things, where you might need extra money. This type of loan is usually offered by banks, credit unions and car dealers. If you don’t pay off the loan for your new vehicle, it might be seized by the lender.
  • Credit cards. Credit cards offer loans that should be paid off in full every month. If you use your credit card too often, you might easily get into too deep dept.
  • Online loans. This type of loan is becoming even more popular. You can use the borrowed money for any purpose. Furthermore, online loans usually offer lower interest rates and require a minimum amount of the documents provided to the lender. This type of loan might help you to save plenty of time and money since you can easily apply for the online loan without leaving your home.

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