Top Apps for Gaming for iPhone in 2019

The newest iPhones offer a wide variety of features and gaming is not an exception to the rule. If you are keen on playing games using your smartphone, here is a list of must-have apps any experienced gamer should definitely use.

Top gaming apps for iPhone

  • The PlayStation. Enjoy playing games, view trophies and search for the newest games in PlayStation store. This app remains to be the most popular app between PlayStation fans due to its convenience and pleasant interface. Not to mention, some of your favorite games can boast to have a second-screen functionality to boost your experience.
  • Playing, messaging and reviewing your achievements are already available in your iPhone. The app is absolutely adorable and easy-to-use.
  • One of the best apps for streaming can be now used on iOS devices. Record videos of your best games, follow your favorite streamers and communicate with other Twitch users with absolutely no limits.
  • Instant Esports. Follow your favorite teams and players, keep in touch with all your gaming statistics and chat with other users. The whole gaming world is now just below your fingertips!