The Universal Media Player from Finebits

The Finebits company introduces its media player Sonca for Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. This player works with audio files stored locally or in the cloud, it also lets you play your videos and listen to audiobooks. It also has a convenient interface and supports many Microsoft devices and platforms.

If you install Sonca from the Store, it will scan your device for media files and organize the tracks in an appropriate format. It will give you a quick access to any file that you have on your PC. You can also let it connect to the cloud services, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

After scanning your drives, Sonca helps you to listen to your music online and offline, any track or video file you store on your devices or in the cloud. This is very convenient for people who like media files and usually download them to their devices.

Sonca supports such features as Continuum and Windows Timeline. You can also use a compact mode of this app with small buttons for controlling playback. Now it has a beta status so if you download it, this program may have a few bugs in the functionality.

If you are Windows 10 user and looking for a good media player but most of the programs are not cozy for you, it means you should definitely try Sonca when it will be released. You should also check how it works on other platforms except for your PC.