The Best Video Software Similar to Windows Media Player

Most of the Windows versions include the Media Player from Microsoft. However, many people don’t like it and they are looking for more powerful and cozier audio and video players. There are a few interesting applications that can be helpful for you even if you don’t watch videos very often.

Kodi. It helps you to organize your media files and also stream them to your network. It can download posters and other additional information for movies. To extend the capabilities of this program, you can add more plugins. It can also be used as a PVR if you need and offers you many other helpful features.

MediaMonkey. It supports the advanced file management and lets you stream your media files. You can also manage files on other network drives and synchronize your media files with mobile devices. If you need the full functionality like powerful search or disc burning, you will have to buy a premium edition of this application.

GOM Player. It is helpful for people who don’t understand what codecs are and how to install them. To reproduce video with this player, you don’t need to use any external codecs. It also supports 360-degree videos that are very popular now.

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