More Alexa home devices are coming this year, states Amazon

It has been noted that this year Amazon is going to treat its customer with a range of new smart home tools. The rumor says they are going to be eight devices introduced this year: a microwave, some car device, audio system and some more. The detailed review of at least one product is going to come out later this month.

There are many Alexa-controlled devices on the market already, but the introduction of fresh voice-controlled models will certainly heat things up. What is more, smart home devices from Amazon may have the Alexa voice assistant or incorporate either Siri or Google assistant or even Cortana.

So far there is no news as to whether the production will fit under Echo line or Amazon will come with something entirely new. Developing their own brand, we mean Alexa, may place Amazon on the path of competition with other companies, Sonos, for example. Even though Sonos uses Alexa support, Amazon may come up with something more professional and who knows what that may result in.

The introduction of their own line of smart home devices may help Amazon become a real competitor for other big company brands such as Samsung, LG, and many others.