Money Transfers in Skype for Windows

For a long time, Skype users can send money to other users via the PayPal system. However, only the iOS and Android versions of Skype supported this feature. For now, money transfers will also be available in the Windows 10 version of this program.

To send money to any insider, you need to open the profile on this person. There you will see the “Transfer Money” icon, click it to proceed with the payment. To do it, you just need to enter the needed amount of money you want to send to this user.

To make payments, you also need to have valid Microsoft and PayPal accounts. The PayPal account should be linked to the Microsoft account used in Skype if you want to use this feature.

This opportunity is now available only in several countries so you can’t send money to any user in the world. It depends on which countries work with this payment system and restrictions they have for payments. To see all the countries that are supported for now, open the FAQ section on the official Skype Money page.

To use this feature, you need to open the preview version of your Skype client. You can also wait until it will be released as the official version for Windows and then install it to your device.

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