Integration of Firefox with the Action Center to Shown all the Notifications

The Action Center is a popular feature of Windows 10. It helps to gather all the notifications and show them to users in a convenient format. However, not all desktop browsers still can show their notifications using the Action Center but Mozilla Firefox will be able to do it soon.

Before releasing the stable version of this browser, its developers release a night build with beta features that are not fully tested yet. Everyone who wants to test this capability of Firefox can download and install this version. There are many other interesting new features in night builds so you can try them too, and they are released much earlier than the stable versions. After beta testing, it seems that this feature will be added to the official version.

It doesn’t mean that you will see all the Firefox notifications on your screen. If you don’t react to them for a long time, they will not appear for some period of time to not to distract you.

If you are going to see the stable version of Firefox with many updated features including working with the Action Center, you need to wait a little bit. This version is scheduled to release at the end of this year, probably in December.

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