Hundreds of Websites May Not Work after the Chrome Update

With the latest update of the Chrome browser, the security policy will also be updated. This program will drop trust for many big certificate providers after the recent security incidents. It means that many websites that are still using these certificates may not open in Chrome.

The Chrome 70 version is going to be released around October 16. In this version, websites that are using old certificates will be blocked. If you will try to open any website that runs Thawte, VeriSign, or any other certificate from that list, you will not be able to see its content.

Although it was announced many months ago, there is a lot of websites that are not ready for this yet. Specialists found more than 1000 sites that are still running old certificates and seem to be blocked by Chrome very soon, and there are even very popular and much-visited websites.

These certificates help to verify that the connection is secure and you will not risk when sending your data to a specific website. Most of the websites buy and update certificates to avoid being blocked by different security checkers, but if you are going to install Chrome 70 when it will be released, you need to be ready to see that some of your favorite websites will be blocked until they update their certificates.