How to Block Windows 10 October Update

After the release of the latest Update for Windows, many users rushed to install it immediately. However, many of them were disappointed by the bugs they have found there. By the reports of Windows customers, they’ve got problems with connecting different programs to the Internet, and some of the users found that a lot of their files were deleted by the system.

First of all, you need to disable automatic updates. Go to the start menu, type Updates, and select Windows Update Settings. Open Advanced options, you will see there many parameters of the Windows Update, you need just to find all the items that are responsible for automatic updating and turn them off.

For the “Choose when updates are installed”, select Semi-Annual Channel. It will help you to avoid non-stable versions of Windows and not to update your version of Windows too often. For the Feature Update deferral, select the 365 days period.

When you change your mind, you can just turn all these parameters to their earlier values. But to be sure, you should wait a little bit until the more stable version will be released with the fixed critical issues. Until that, you can wait and not download the new version if you haven’t done it yet.

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