Control the Facebook Messenger with Your Voice

If you like to use the voice-control rather than clicking buttons, you would definitely like the new feature from Facebook. Its Messenger app is going to get a special button for running the assistant. By clicking this button, users will be able to make voice calls and create different reminders.

Messenger is a chatting application from Facebook. For now, it is the most popular application from this category in many countries, and anyone can download it from the official Apple Store and Play Market. It is going to introduce the voice-control feature soon.

This feature will be useful for those who can’t type or don’t like doing it. It also saves a few seconds of your time because pronouncing words is usually takes less time than typing.

It seems that Facebook wants to differentiate its application much from other messaging programs. It adds the features and functionality that other messengers don’t have. It seems that developers are testing many more interesting features that haven’t been released yet.

It is not clear yet when this feature will be released and what things in Messenger you will be able to do with your voice. To stay updated, check for the latest versions of the Messenger in the App Store or Play Market.