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The Universal Media Player from Finebits

The Finebits company introduces its media player Sonca for Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. This player works with audio files stored locally or in the cloud, it also lets you play your videos and listen to audiobooks. It also has a convenient interface and supports many Microsoft devices and platforms. If you install Sonca from

Control the Facebook Messenger with Your Voice

If you like to use the voice-control rather than clicking buttons, you would definitely like the new feature from Facebook. Its Messenger app is going to get a special button for running the assistant. By clicking this button, users will be able to make voice calls and create different reminders. Messenger is a chatting application

Money Transfers in Skype for Windows

For a long time, Skype users can send money to other users via the PayPal system. However, only the iOS and Android versions of Skype supported this feature. For now, money transfers will also be available in the Windows 10 version of this program. To send money to any insider, you need to open the

How to Block Windows 10 October Update

After the release of the latest Update for Windows, many users rushed to install it immediately. However, many of them were disappointed by the bugs they have found there. By the reports of Windows customers, they’ve got problems with connecting different programs to the Internet, and some of the users found that a lot of

The Popular VPNs Comparison

If you are living in the country that blocks some online resources or if you want to stay anonymous on the Internet, you can use VPN for browsing websites. There are a few popular VPN services that offer you the fast and secure connection. You can choose one of them, pay for it, and use