Apple releases the information about macOS Mojave

Apple fans waited for a long time to learn more about the new version of macOS operating system. Now, everyone can install this system to their modern Mac devices and find out how it is different from previous versions.

macOS Mojave has more specific requirements than its predecessors. You can install it to your device only if there are at least 14.3GB of space for installation. However, specialists recommend having at least 20GB to install it more conveniently.

Speaking about devices, you can install Mojave to a Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro if they were produced in 2012 or later. If you want to install it to your Mac Pro, you need the 2013 version or later. For a MacBook, you require a 2015 or later version. Mojave is compatible with iMac Pro devices produced in 2017 or later.

There are some improvements for security in Finder and the dark mode now. Even the Xcode environment can get darker, also as 3rd-party programs that can be adapted to this mode. It is a good feature for people who got tired of white themes in Mac.

There is also such feature as Stacks for sorting items on the desktop. With Continuity Camera, it will be easier to add photos or documents to your projects. To learn more about other features of Mojave, find this information on the official Apple website.