A list of top 5 substitutes for Putlocker

Putlocker is a famous name among people who often use online streaming services. However, it comes with frequent downtimes, and that’s why users start looking for good alternatives to be able to watch their favorite movies or the latest episodes.

The popularity of Putlocker

The main purpose of this online platform is to host a large number of shows and films in different genres and from many countries. It’s no wonder that many people visit it to watch them for free. What to do when Putlocker is down? Look for 5 great alternatives online.


https://www.123movies.love/ provides visitors with a good collection of both popular and new series and movies in an organized way. Take advantage of this trendy movie library and search for a favorite genre. Benefit from its unique bookmark system because it enables you to resume the video you’re watching if you get distracted by anything. The site also offers statistics about movie ratings and popularity to help you decide whether it’s worth watching.


It’s a great substitute for Putlocker because you can watch free movies online. The site has been around for a while so that there are many web pages that try to copy its interface. Look for the original one to enjoy the largest database of films and episodes.


If you want to watch movies and series for free, Niter is your effective solution. However, it comes with certain downsides and you should know about them. For example, the overall website theme is a bit dark and it doesn’t seem appealing to most users. Another drawback is that the site offers mostly US content, but it’s still a good option on this list.


This online streaming platform is a bit different from the rest because it serves as a search engine to help visitors find their desired shows or films fast and easily. What does it mean? It’s not possible to watch anything right on this website. Look for the necessary title and follow the links provided by Vumoo to watch what you want.


This site is also a bit different from other available Putlocker alternatives because it provides access to a good selection of the latest films and episodes earlier than most of them. To be able to watch TV shows, you’re expected to pay an affordable subscription fee.

Final words

The above-mentioned alternatives differ in terms of their features and content, but they all are worth giving them a try.