5 button designs to introduce into your own creation

It is a known fact that all great projects consist of many details and the higher is your attention to details the better will be the outcome. Buttons are clearly the essential elements of any design, and that means that they should look correspondingly. That is why we suggest to your attention 5 button designs to get inspired with and to introduce into your project without the fear of being a copycat!

  1. Ben Parker’s social button

If you want to take your sharing button to the whole new level, then there is nothing better for you that a ben Parker’s one. The animation it grants will surely make the visitors remember your site.

Take your social-sharing buttons to the next level with Ben Parker’s interactive button. A single

  1. Marco’s button

Simple does not mean boring. The Marco Messer button is not only elegant looking but also easy to use and that what makes it extremely simple to handle.

  1. Stu’s pop-out button

If there is something that you would like to keep hidden on the site and then shown when necessary, then Stu’s pop-up button will be of great help to you.

  1. Riley Jones’ button

In case there is a donation button missing from your site, but you would like to add one, we would suggest you use the one developed by Riley Jones.

  1. Digital Bake’s button

Bake’s button is genuinely the most universal one not to mention the fact that it is compact and straightforward.