Disabling End of Line in Notepad for Other Operating Systems

The classic Notepad app now supports EOL in text files that were created in other OSes. However, many users don’t need it or have the problems that may be caused by it. If you don’t need EOF in these files, you can easily disable this feature.

In the latest update for Windows 10, there are changes for the native Notepad app too. Now it supports the End of Line in txt files that were saved in Unix, Linux, and Mac. However, it may cause issues with displaying the content in classical Notepad.

You can revert this changes and use your Notepad as earlier. Before doing any of this, you should create a backup of all the information you are going to change.

Press Win+R to open the Run dialog. Type regedit and click OK, the Registry editor will open. In the left panel, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Notepad.

In the right panel, find the fPasteOriginalEOL line and double-click on it. If its value is 0, change it to 1 and save. You should also do this with the fWindowsOnlyEOL parameter.

After doing this, just run your Notepad and open any file in it. The app should work as it worked before the update. If you will need to use the EOL in files again, just do the same but change values from 1 to 0.

The Universal Media Player from Finebits

The Finebits company introduces its media player Sonca for Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. This player works with audio files stored locally or in the cloud, it also lets you play your videos and listen to audiobooks. It also has a convenient interface and supports many Microsoft devices and platforms.

If you install Sonca from the Store, it will scan your device for media files and organize the tracks in an appropriate format. It will give you a quick access to any file that you have on your PC. You can also let it connect to the cloud services, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

After scanning your drives, Sonca helps you to listen to your music online and offline, any track or video file you store on your devices or in the cloud. This is very convenient for people who like media files and usually download them to their devices.

Sonca supports such features as Continuum and Windows Timeline. You can also use a compact mode of this app with small buttons for controlling playback. Now it has a beta status so if you download it, this program may have a few bugs in the functionality.

If you are Windows 10 user and looking for a good media player but most of the programs are not cozy for you, it means you should definitely try Sonca when it will be released. You should also check how it works on other platforms except for your PC.

Money Transfers in Skype for Windows

For a long time, Skype users can send money to other users via the PayPal system. However, only the iOS and Android versions of Skype supported this feature. For now, money transfers will also be available in the Windows 10 version of this program.

To send money to any insider, you need to open the profile on this person. There you will see the “Transfer Money” icon, click it to proceed with the payment. To do it, you just need to enter the needed amount of money you want to send to this user.

To make payments, you also need to have valid Microsoft and PayPal accounts. The PayPal account should be linked to the Microsoft account used in Skype if you want to use this feature.

This opportunity is now available only in several countries so you can’t send money to any user in the world. It depends on which countries work with this payment system and restrictions they have for payments. To see all the countries that are supported for now, open the FAQ section on the official Skype Money page.

To use this feature, you need to open the preview version of your Skype client. You can also wait until it will be released as the official version for Windows and then install it to your device.

The Popular VPNs Comparison

If you are living in the country that blocks some online resources or if you want to stay anonymous on the Internet, you can use VPN for browsing websites. There are a few popular VPN services that offer you the fast and secure connection. You can choose one of them, pay for it, and use it.

If you want a long trial period, you should try the ExpressVPN platform. It gives you 30 days of use, and you don’t have to pay for it. This is a very long trial period if you compare this service to other analogs. It also offers you the P2P functionality.

If you are looking for the cheap price, you may try Private Internet Access. This service lets you stay anonymous and open any websites just for $2.91 per month. The prices of other popular VPN services are much higher.

If you are interested in the biggest server count, you should try NordVPN. This service has more than 5000 P2P servers and offers you many other features.

If you need the big number of connections, it is recommended to try IP Vanish. It lets you have 10 connections which is much more than other services offer.

These are not the only parameters that you should take into account when paying for such a service. You should also check if the service has a money back feature, ad blocking, anonymous payments, and other  possibilities.

Hundreds of Websites May Not Work after the Chrome Update

With the latest update of the Chrome browser, the security policy will also be updated. This program will drop trust for many big certificate providers after the recent security incidents. It means that many websites that are still using these certificates may not open in Chrome.

The Chrome 70 version is going to be released around October 16. In this version, websites that are using old certificates will be blocked. If you will try to open any website that runs Thawte, VeriSign, or any other certificate from that list, you will not be able to see its content.

Although it was announced many months ago, there is a lot of websites that are not ready for this yet. Specialists found more than 1000 sites that are still running old certificates and seem to be blocked by Chrome very soon, and there are even very popular and much-visited websites.

These certificates help to verify that the connection is secure and you will not risk when sending your data to a specific website. Most of the websites buy and update certificates to avoid being blocked by different security checkers, but if you are going to install Chrome 70 when it will be released, you need to be ready to see that some of your favorite websites will be blocked until they update their certificates.

Control the Facebook Messenger with Your Voice

If you like to use the voice-control rather than clicking buttons, you would definitely like the new feature from Facebook. Its Messenger app is going to get a special button for running the assistant. By clicking this button, users will be able to make voice calls and create different reminders.

Messenger is a chatting application from Facebook. For now, it is the most popular application from this category in many countries, and anyone can download it from the official Apple Store and Play Market. It is going to introduce the voice-control feature soon.

This feature will be useful for those who can’t type or don’t like doing it. It also saves a few seconds of your time because pronouncing words is usually takes less time than typing.

It seems that Facebook wants to differentiate its application much from other messaging programs. It adds the features and functionality that other messengers don’t have. It seems that developers are testing many more interesting features that haven’t been released yet.

It is not clear yet when this feature will be released and what things in Messenger you will be able to do with your voice. To stay updated, check for the latest versions of the Messenger in the App Store or Play Market.

How to Block Windows 10 October Update

After the release of the latest Update for Windows, many users rushed to install it immediately. However, many of them were disappointed by the bugs they have found there. By the reports of Windows customers, they’ve got problems with connecting different programs to the Internet, and some of the users found that a lot of their files were deleted by the system.

First of all, you need to disable automatic updates. Go to the start menu, type Updates, and select Windows Update Settings. Open Advanced options, you will see there many parameters of the Windows Update, you need just to find all the items that are responsible for automatic updating and turn them off.

For the “Choose when updates are installed”, select Semi-Annual Channel. It will help you to avoid non-stable versions of Windows and not to update your version of Windows too often. For the Feature Update deferral, select the 365 days period.

When you change your mind, you can just turn all these parameters to their earlier values. But to be sure, you should wait a little bit until the more stable version will be released with the fixed critical issues. Until that, you can wait and not download the new version if you haven’t done it yet.

The Best Data Backup Applications

If you save your data to your PC, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe and sound there. You can be a victim of software problems, damaged drives, viruses and malware. If you want to backup your data and restore it if necessary, you should use the special software.

EaseUS Todo Backup. This application offers you several different types of backup. You can also easily make a schedule of backups if you want to do them from time to time. It also has such feature as the “smart” backup.

Cobian Backup. If you like to customize the applications as you need, you should try this program. It is highly customizable and offers you the possibility to encrypt files. However, it can be not very cozy for beginners because there is no any wizard for creating backups.

Paragon Backup & Recovery. It is good even for newbies because it has the wizard interface. You just do a backup if a few steps even if you haven’t done it earlier. You can also customize this application as you wish. Another good point of this application is the Advanced data recovery.

FBackup. It lets you schedule your backups and helps to create them easily with the help of the wizard. However, it has no encryption or incremental backups.

The Best Video Software Similar to Windows Media Player

Most of the Windows versions include the Media Player from Microsoft. However, many people don’t like it and they are looking for more powerful and cozier audio and video players. There are a few interesting applications that can be helpful for you even if you don’t watch videos very often.

Kodi. It helps you to organize your media files and also stream them to your network. It can download posters and other additional information for movies. To extend the capabilities of this program, you can add more plugins. It can also be used as a PVR if you need and offers you many other helpful features.

MediaMonkey. It supports the advanced file management and lets you stream your media files. You can also manage files on other network drives and synchronize your media files with mobile devices. If you need the full functionality like powerful search or disc burning, you will have to buy a premium edition of this application.

GOM Player. It is helpful for people who don’t understand what codecs are and how to install them. To reproduce video with this player, you don’t need to use any external codecs. It also supports 360-degree videos that are very popular now.

Integration of Firefox with the Action Center to Shown all the Notifications

The Action Center is a popular feature of Windows 10. It helps to gather all the notifications and show them to users in a convenient format. However, not all desktop browsers still can show their notifications using the Action Center but Mozilla Firefox will be able to do it soon.

Before releasing the stable version of this browser, its developers release a night build with beta features that are not fully tested yet. Everyone who wants to test this capability of Firefox can download and install this version. There are many other interesting new features in night builds so you can try them too, and they are released much earlier than the stable versions. After beta testing, it seems that this feature will be added to the official version.

It doesn’t mean that you will see all the Firefox notifications on your screen. If you don’t react to them for a long time, they will not appear for some period of time to not to distract you.

If you are going to see the stable version of Firefox with many updated features including working with the Action Center, you need to wait a little bit. This version is scheduled to release at the end of this year, probably in December.